Pressure die casting is used where there is a need for a large number of dimensionally accurate, thin walled castings with an excellent surface finish.  Pressure casting involves using force to “squirt” the aluminium into a design giving it higher accuracy. Repeatability, stability and speed are also added advantages as the hot die steel moulds are water cooled and hardened.

Typical pressure castings are compressor castings (conrods, heads, etc), fan blades & hubs and automotive parts (endcaps, brackets, housings, etc)  These are but a few of the castings possible in pressure die-casting.

At Megastra we currently have 5 high pressure die casting machines to supply aluminium castings in the range of 100t – 650t (aluminium). As well as casting we also have finishing processes such as vibratory polishing, machining, powder coating and anodizing.

All ingot aluminium used in the production of castings at Megastra is supplied by ISO9002 registered suppliers and arrives with a chemical assay.