MEGASTRA JAYA simplifies the purchasing for customers by adding on other services which contribute to a finished product that can be sent straight to the customer. We also can warehouse products in Australia in either of our 2 warehouses located in Queensland and South Australia. Below are some of the extra’s we can provide :



This is a common painting process using powder to “attach” to a opposite charged part. This powder then forms a smooth layer after it’s baked in an oven. Parts that are powder coated have good all round weather resistance and surface protection. Megastra powder coats around 50% of all out parts.


Megastra has it’s own heat treatment oven for T5 artifical aging.   This process stabalises the casting dimensions prior to machining, a process that can take weeks naturally can be done in a space of 8 hours.




Along with powder coating anodizing is a common post casting treatment which gives the casting better resistance to the enviroment as well as giving it s harder surface. At Megastra we anodzise around 25% of all our parts.


We have been assembling parts for a major MNC for the last 5 years and have the facilities and personel to ensure your parts are test & packed correctly, suitable for delivery direct your customer.




MJSB has been in Malaysia for 15 years and have built a large range of suppliers both local and international for a wide range of componants.  These include investment casting, stamping, forging & sand casting.  We use these suppliers now and can offer their services to our own customers.


An often overlooked part of the manufacturing cycle but one that can create the most delays. MJSB export 90% of all of our products and are well versed sending parts internationally.
We have a dedicated export team and ensure that all packing is suitable for sea/air freight. Further we can store products if the customer is based in Australia in our warehouse to have a 100% guaranteed stock availability, if you have any enquiry for this service please see our distribution company website at www.drillforge.com