Megastra Jaya has been a specialist in gravity casting since commencing in Malaysia.

Megastra Jaya has been a specialist in gravity casting since commencing in Malaysia.

Among the many gravity presses both large and small is the Stahl tilt machine capable of taking dies up to 1300mm x 900mm. This machine is ideal for casting long drop castings as well as those castings where air entrapment is a problem.

Work done on this machine includes among other things, door panels, large fan blades and transmission housings.

In the tilt casting process the casting machine is tilted to a position where the joint line of the mould is horizontal (he die is laying horizontal) Metal is tipped into a “pouring bucket”, which pours into the runner system of the casting, and then the die is tilted 108 degrees to a position where the die is upright.

This movement through 108 degrees is done at a controlled rate, depending on the particular job,so the metal enters the casting cavity gently and with minimum air entrapment resulting in a clean casting surface and no gas porosity.

As well as this, since the casting is bottom filled the resultant progressive solidification eliminates shrinkage porosity in the casting.  Although not suitable for all types of casting, it is certainly the best method for parts where surface finish and integrity are critical.

The range of gravity work, both static and tilt, covers large heat treated (T5) castings through to small pure aluminium electrical castings.

All aluminium ingot is purchased from ISO9002 registered suppliers and supplied with assay reports.  As with the pressure castings. Megastra has the facilities to supply parts machined, powder coated and/or anodized.