Megastra Jaya is a die casting foundry which produces gravity and pressure aluminium castings.

The foundry, which has been operating since 1997, is Australian owned and operated and exports 90%
of its production internationally. Currently the foundry occupies 20,000ft (covered) and employs 32 people.
We are well located, being less than 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur city centre and within 30 minutes drive of Port Klang, the
major shipping port in Malaysia.

We also handle other projects such as sub-contract machining, sourcing castings of other materials (iron, steel, brass, etc..).
As well we can contract out our CAD and toolroom expertise.

1998 - Began Operation (Static Gravity Casting)

Megastra Jaya is founded and focuses on Static Gravity Casting.

2000 - Increase Production & Purchased 250t

The surge in the industry allow us to increase our production capacity.

2001 - Purchased Tilt Casting Machine (At the time largest in SE Asia)

Venture into Tilt Casting as an additional service.

2003 - Purchase 350t

Expand our services regionally requires additional capacity.

2005 - Purchase 125t

Additional expansion to cater smaller industries.

2007 - Purchased 200t

Strong demand in the industry.

2009 - Factory expansion

Expanded factory space and started toolroom to manufacture gravity moulds.

2012 - Expanded Toolroom

Expanded toolroom to include the purchase of a 5 axis CNC Machine.

2013 - Produce our own die cast moulds.

Toolroom capacity added and commenced producing pressure die cast moulds.

2014 - Purchased 650t

Invested in larger production facilities to meet large orders.

2015 - Obtain ISO2008

We are now registered ISO Certified company.

2016 - Commenced Bronze Casting

Introducing Bronze Casting into our list of services.